London Fashion Week: Sustainable Fashion Designers


London Fashion Week has come and gone, giving us 5 days of fashion, convenience, and even sustainability. In our previous article, we asked whether Fashion week can indeed go greener and between the 19th and 23rd March, we got a taste of the possibility of a greener Fashion Week. Digitising London Fashion Week not only […]

Beauty Routine – How to make your everyday regime more sustainable

There is always a way we can become greener, even in our beauty routines. Our everyday ritual is performed naturally and whether our routine is sustainable usually flies over our heads. Now you are more eco-conscious it can be a daunting task to figure out how to make our beauty routines more sustainable. Below are […]

Fashion Week: Can Fashion Week go greener?

As we find ourselves still deep within the terrors of the pandemic, and we begin to understand the need for fashion to be sustainable to protect our planet, it begs this question: How does fashion week fit in with our move towards a sustainable future? Jessica Davis nails it right on the head. Fashion Week is […]

Ethical clothing – Leading women in sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion and ethical clothing are irrefutably invading the fashion industry all steam ahead and a lot of people are here for it! Why? Truth is, we have become more conscious of the effect of our actions on the safety of the environment. Sustainable fashion is redefining the concept of fashion as one of the […]

The impact of Covid 19 on 6 sustainable companies

The Impact of Covid-19 on 6 Sustainable Companies We do not need to tell you about the current corona virus pandemic we are facing. The fashion industry has taken a massive hit as clothing sales and demand have plummeted and retailers have closed, according to the BBC. Both the fashion and beauty industry have moved to […]