London Fashion Week: Sustainable Fashion Designers

London Fashion Week has come and gone, giving us 5 days of fashion, convenience, and even sustainability. In our previous article, we asked whether Fashion week can indeed go greener and between the 19th and 23rd March, we got a taste of the possibility of a greener Fashion Week.

Digitising London Fashion Week not only meant that we could watch the show in the comfort of our homes, but it reduced our carbon usage as cars and people no longer swarming to get a seat for the show.

Certainly, we have more than just the digitising of fashion to thank for our conscience move towards an ethical future. London Fashion week showcased designers who are looking to have a positive impact on fashion and the environment. Their standout collections show the innovative and chic ideas of designers than make the rest of us excited about sustainability. Most importantly, many of these designers stand against greenwashing in the fashion industry hoping to provide authentic sustainable fashion than to simply market themselves as sustainable!

Photo by Olya Kobruseva

Sonia Carrasco and Bethany Williams are examples of women leading in sustainability at this year’s London Fashion Week. Carrasco makes quality ready-to-wear- womenswear with carefully selected recycled, vegan, or organic fibres. They work with suppliers who match their values as they understand the importance of sourcing materials that does not damage the planet. Their fall winter collection sported beautiful suits with unique cut-outs, demonstrating their masterful tailoring and craftsmanship.

Bethany Williams is known for her sustainable Fashion. Her industry may have grown but she continues to use organic, recycled and deadstock materials. Her collection was a variety of menswear created with an artistic fusion of patterns from a colour palette of green, red, white, brown and blue. She redesigned vintage blankets into coats and suits for her London Fashion Week Collection but ultimately, both she and Carrasco gave us fresh designs and elevated sustainable looks and…it was done virtually!

Photo by Pixabay 

Vivienne Westwood’s collection is said to be 90% made from “materials that have a reduced impact on our environment”. Her design shows these repurposed materials, and the models are cleverly taken in front of a vintage backdrop to emphasises the sustainability in her collection. Her collection also took inspiration from a French artist and Rocco painter, Francois Boucher who painted the famous Daphnis and Chloe. Her pieces captured the artistic creativity of Boucher through Westwood’s expert tailoring.

Revealing their message in their name is an organisation named, Choose Love who showcased their collection this year. Their collection may have been smaller than our other designers but in their 4 pieces of hoodies and shirts, they boldly stated their message which was fitting for our sustainable goals.

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