Fashion Branding

Explore a range of evolving branding theories, contemporary issues facing the industry and see how fashion branding has evolved in a digitalized world.


8 Weeks | Every Tuesday

Class Time

60 minute e-class


For £300




This course comes with virtual internship in industry


Course Description

Fashion branding is the process of identifying a “mark” around your designs. During this online course, you will explore a range of evolving branding theories, contemporary issues facing the industry and will understand how fashion branding has evolved in a digitalized world. This course is your guide to accessing, growing, and building your fashion business in the industry. 

Our short online course is based entirely online with live and interactive lessons where students learn through a video presentation from their masterclass instructor. Students will interact and ask questions to their teacher and colleagues. Perfect for those who want to learn while still maintaining a life outside of academic study.



General ideas about branding, looking at the internal and external factors that contribute to the formation of a brand.

In-depth at the strategies used by successful brands within the industry. The aim is to inspire brand creation and encourage designers to start developing their branding plan. 

Focus on how to identify a target market in order to generate value and desire around a brand. At this stage it will be important for learners to understand that not everyone is a customer and that focus should be placed on reaching the ideal target market.

Exploring the brand positioning in detail and emphasis is placed on pricing and competition.

Focus on contemporary fashion brands dominating in 2021. Focus is placed on their link with social, environmental and digital concerns and looks at how brands in the development phase, can “piggback” on such concepts.

Focus on self-promotion and personal brand awareness. It teaches learners that a brand should be a reflection of themselves and is important to have the self-confidence and motivation to drive and grow a successful fashion business. The importance of networking within the industry will also be explored. The final week will touch on brand maintenance and reputation building. 

Overview of the learnings from the 8- week course, providing students with the skills and knowledge to start implementing their learnings. 

What will you achieve?

…by the end of this course

Who is it for?

  • Do not worry if you have no prior experience in the fashion industry, this course is fitted for those with little or no background in fashion
  • You may already have an idea for your business but not sure where to start – this course is perfect to get your business off and running
  • Fashion students who are looking to pick up practical business skills from an expert in the field 

Who will instruct you?

Katie Gallagher Team Corsi Fashion Online Digital Marketing

Katie Gallagher

Katie is a creative digital marketing professional with a blend of experience across various sectors. She provided freelance marketing consultancy to such big brands as Versace, ASOS, Topshop, Tom Ford and BMW. For the last 2 years she has worked as a marketing assessor and tutor for the leading UK apprenticeship provider, QA. Katie’s engaging teaching style provides an opportunity for learners to network with others in the fashion industry and understand marketing concepts collectively.