History of Fashion: Style and Society in the Golden Age of Fashion

Explore the evolution of fashion under influence of social, economic, and cultural changes of the twentieth century. 


8 Weeks

Class Time

60 minute e-class


For £275




What is the Golden Age of Fashion?

History of fashion as of any industry has a tendency to repeat oneself. Fashion trends develop patterns and go in cycles. For example, in 2020 we see trends in clothing that were popular in 90’s. That is why it is important to explore not only the fashion but also its history.
The first five decades of the 20th century became Golden Age of Fashion, as they were full of seismic changes across industries, from fashion to entertainment, setting up the world to the speeds it has never seen before. Fashion responded to those changes  taking its cue from the socio-economic, political and social landscape of each decade. Let’s have a look into those golden years to find out why we dress the way we do today. 


What will you achieve?

…by the end of this course

Who is it for?

This course is crafted specially for those engaged already in fashion business, or newly graduates who would like to expand their horizons and to get inspired. Or for anyone else out there who was always curious about the fashion evolution and the way it impacts us.

Who will instruct you?

Please meet…

Amanda Hallay

Professor in Fashion History

Apart from teaching Amanda is a professional consultant, editor, writer, and presenter. She has a popular Youtube channel and was once nominated for Grammy.