Fashion Guide (E-Book): How to become a Fashion Stylist?

What you see in front of you is a step-by-step fashion guide that will provide you with all technical and creative skills that are must haves in the world of styling. Curated by Manuela Mezzeti, each volume of the book contains everything you need to know about becoming a Fashion stylist starting from first steps of finding personal style to the effective marketing strategy for Fashion Stylists. We offer 4 volumes of the book in English, Russian and Italian. Only for you these guides are £10 each NOW.

Fashion stylist e-book

Guide 1. The first steps towards acquiring the right personal styles 

The first volume, you will study everything related to understanding and curating your own personal style. This is an important first step which will then allow you to start constructing the style and image of your clients. You will learn about the most authoritative professional figures in the fashion styling sector, such as famous fashion editors and recognised trendsetters. Immersing yourself in these figures through social media platforms will help you keep up to date with fashion trends, and inspire you to create your own unique look

Guide 2. The History of Style and the Birth of the Stylist

This volume analyses the profound changes that led to the development of an increasingly relevant professional in journalism, fashion shows, and fashion communication in general. We will look into the evolution of style through fashion history makers like: Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, as well as Carine Roitfeld, former editor of Vogue France, and Grace Coddington, former fashion editor of Vogue America. 

Guide 3. The Construction of and Advertising Image and Organisation of a Photoshoot

The pages of Volume 3 will explain how to build a photoshoot by analysing both the creative and organisational aspects. Be creative, sensitive, and imaginative, but do not forget logic and analysis; perfect organisation is as important as inspiration. To give shape to a winning project, don’t forget to work with others. Cultivate your vision and enhance your talents with curiosity and tenacity. And never forget to have fun in what you do.

Guide 4. Fashion Stylist and Social Media: How to Communicate your Image

In the digital era it is not enough to be a good Fashion Stylist. Today, it is even more important to be able to communicate with your audience. This is what Fashion Marketing does. Fashion Marketing connects the best stylists with their best audience. In order to do so you should be able to attract and engage your audience through Social Media. You do not have much time, the market is saturated, and consumers’ attention span is getting shorter. Curated together with the Marketing team led by Federica Tagliavini, this volume explores how contemporary Fashion Stylist can communicate and connect through means of Social Media. 

What will you achieve?

Who is it for?

These guides are especially designed for Fashion or Art graduates who would like to acquire new knowledge about Fashion Styling; for Fashion professionals who wants to expand their horizons; or for amateurs with no prior experience or fashion education who always dreamt of becoming a Fashion Stylist, these e-books are a good way to start your journey.

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