Digital Marketing: Fashion Edition

Explore ways to develop and promote an online fashion business with our digital marketing course.


12 Weeks | Every Thursday

Class Time

60 minute e-class


For £300




This course comes with virtual internship in industry

Course Description

This introduction to digital marketing course will help you develop the knowledge and skills to confidently launch and promote your fashion business online. The syllabus aims to cover the core aspects of Online, Social Media and Mobile Marketing that are most relevant to the marketing mix for fashion brands.

Your course leader, Katie Gallacher, aims to share her experience and expertise over the duration of the training, giving you an overview of each aspect. Katie will also share techniques and strategies you can implement effectively for business growth and development in the fashion industry. 


Learners will develop an understanding of key digital marketing concepts and discussion will be based around the following questions: What is Digital Marketing?What is the history of Digital Marketing? Why is Digital Marketing so important? How is Digital Marketing being used effectively? What examples are there of good practice in Digital Marketing? What happens when Digital Marketing goes wrong? How can Digital Marketing be used to develop brands, drive sales, encourage product and service development and innovation?

Case studies-Real life examples from the fashion industry will be used to develop learner understanding of key concepts

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)-learners will be able to effectively optimise a fashion website to rank above competitors on search engines

Overview will be provided of the most relevant social media (TikTok, Instagram, Youtube) platforms and channels for fashion brands.

Learners will understands how to create engaging content that adds value and converts to product sales.

Learners will develop an understanding of mobile marketing and be able to optimise a website for mobile.

An overview will be provided on email marketing and learners will be able to create targeted email campaigns that drive traffic to a website

The concept of SMART targets will be discussed and the key conceptswill be implemented into a marketing strategy that learners can use in their fashionbusiness development

What will you achieve?

…by the end of this course

Who is it for?

  • For anyone who wants to communicate their business through online channels
  • Fashion students who are looking to pick up practical business skills from an expert in the field 

Who will instruct you?

Katie Gallagher Team Corsi Fashion Online Digital Marketing

Katie Gallagher

Katie is a creative digital marketing professional with a blend of experience across various sectors. She provided freelance marketing consultancy to such big brands as Versace, ASOS, Topshop, Tom Ford and BMW. For the last 2 years she has worked as a marketing assessor and tutor for the leading UK apprenticeship provider, QA. Katie’s engaging teaching style provides an opportunity for learners to network with others in the fashion industry and understand marketing concepts collectively.