MEet our team

Our team consists of Fashion Professionals, Experts and Consultants

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of Fashion Professionals, Experts and Consultants

Corsi fashion online invited industry experts to create interactive learning experience for you.

Corsi Fashion Online is a company of recognized excellence from a highly specialized reference point in its sectors of intervention, fashion and communication. Corsi Fashion Online guarantees to support both young people looking for cutting-edge artistic and specialist cultural training, and companies in the training of their employees.

The teachers are composed of professors from the academic world, professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs and experts with many years of work experience in the sector, who are committed to providing students with the most up-to-date skills required by the labour market, and always proposing new teaching and training programs that meet the interests of students and their professional future.

Tara St James

Fashion Designer

Tara St James launched Study NY in 2009 after designing high street fashion for over 15 years in Canada and the US. Study produces in NYC’s garment district using ethical fabrics and production methods.  Shortly after starting Study NY, Tara focused on educating the next generation of designers on the importance of sustainability in design. She has extensive lecturing and teaching experience in NYC including currently teaching a class on sustainable textiles at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Study NY has been awarded the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation prize as well as runner up in the CFDA / Lexus Sustainable Fashion Challenge. Most recently Tara worked as Production Coordinator and Research Fellow in the Sustainable Strategies Lab for Pratt’s Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator. She has built a sustainable textile library and sourcing service and will be launching the new Re:Source Library consultancy in July 2019 .

Amanda Hallay

Fashion History Professor

Professor Amanda Hallay is a Fashion History teacher, writer, presenter, and consultant who specializes in the relationship between culture and clothing. Formerly the Fashion Editor of Couture and Men Mode magazines and the European Trend Forecaster for The Doneger Group, Amanda is now an international lecturer who develops and presents workshops and micro-courses on Fashion History, Cultural History, and Pop Culture. 

She also teaches at a leading fashion college in Manhattan, where she developed its Fashion History classes and requirements. Amanda also serves as a writer and consultant for The Museo de la Moda in Santiago, Chile. A 2015 Grammy Award® nominee in the Music Educator category, Amanda is the creator and host of the popular YouTube channel, ‘The Ultimate Fashion History’, and is the author of three books and numerous articles relating to Fashion and Culture, both past and present. Although Amanda Hallay considers herself to be the Indiana Jones of Fashion History, she is probably more like a spinster sleuth in an Agatha Christie novel, diligently piecing together the cultural clues that explain why fashion happens the way that it does.


Katie Gallacher

Digital Marketing Professional

Katie is a creative digital marketing professional with a blend of experience across various sectors. Katie was introduced to digital marketing at University, where she studied abroad for one year in North Carolina, USA. After completing her degree, she moved to London and gained valuable experience at both a Top 10 accountancy firm and at hotel platform,

She has always had a passion for teaching others about digital marketing and for the last 2 years has worked as a marketing assessor and tutor for the leading UK apprenticeship provider, QA. In addition to this, Katie has worked on a freelance basis with several high profile brands including Versace, ASOS, Topshop, Tom Ford and BMW.  Katie’s engaging teaching style provides an opportunity for learners to network with others in the fashion industry and understand marketing concepts collectively. 

Giorgia Arcidiacono

Fashion Designer

Giorgia Arcidiacono started her career as a designer in the fashion industry 10 years ago, after her graduation at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, working for brands such as Normaluisa and Marni. What distinguishes her design process is her knowledge regarding the field of tailoring and her interest towards beauty. Her grandmother was the person who passed on these values through the appreciation of her homeland Puglia. 

However, a fascination for traveling and her open minded approach towards new trends and cultures were decisive in giving value to the designers knowledge regarding Italian traditions. Giorgia Arcidiacono career as an independent designer started with the lunch of a haute couture collection of hats which enriches her clothing line with a contemporary and experimental note. Art is unquestionably one of the biggest inspirations for the designer. Excited by the use of different hues in paintings, her prints and eccentric use of colours are coded in her DNA.  

Christopher Proctor

English Professor

Christopher is  a professional, TEFL and CELTA qualified EFL / ESL teacher with ten years experience in a wide range of teaching situations and curriculum, working in China for over two years (2011 – 2013), and then here in the UK until the present. His particular expertise though is providing highly effective preparation tuition and support for candidates taking the IELTS or OET (Occupational English Test) exams for higher education entry or career opportunities. 

He  has  previously been employed in a full-time role by a large recruitment company where He provided tuition and ‘mentoring’ to groups of nurses in India and the Philippines and also Spain and Italy.  He was a member of a small team charged with the goal of facilitating these candidates’ success in IELTS (achieving a minimum of band 7 in all four sub-tests) or OET to enable them to come work in the NHS. This process was done through a busy weekly programme of scheduled one-to-one Skype sessions with up to 50 candidates per week and a series of scheduled, 1-2 hour group webinars with up to 100 attendees.  

In September 2018, Christopher personally planned and conducted an intensive, two-week IELTS course at the UK Excel College in Manchester for a group of 25 Chinese candidates, and between January and April, 2019 I repeated this at Oldham Hulme Grammar School with a group of Chinese six form students.

Additionally, since 2015, He has been been employed by Manchester University Language Centre as an invigilator in their IELTS tests which are usually twice monthly.

His approach is to focus the candidates time entirely on learning or developing a particular approach and certain skills and techniques necessary for those areas of the test, specific sub-tests, where they require the most improvement and practice in order to achieve the required band score.  

Over the years, He has amassed a large amount of excellent learning and practice resources of his own (some put together himself which have proved very effective in instructing and training all my students, along with a host of practical tips to help them whilst under examination conditions.

Feedback has consistently confirmed that Christopher is  a highly personable, focused and committed teacher with a facilitative and collaborative style that is very popular among learners.  He has received many positive testimonials over the years.

Rayner McCarthy

Fashion Stylist

Expert Stylist, Rayner McCarthy has over 10 years’ experience in the fashion industry, having worked with well-known brands in both Manchester and London. She is an expert stylist, specialising in the areas of visual merchandising, still life and e-commerce, as well as fashion promotion and management.