Chris Proctor

Chris Proctor

Prof. in English

Christopher is  a professional, TEFL and CELTA qualified EFL / ESL teacher with ten years experience in a wide range of teaching situations and curriculum, working in China for over two years (2011 – 2013), and then here in the UK until the present.

His particular expertise though is providing highly effective preparation tuition and support for candidates taking the IELTS or OET (Occupational English Test) exams for higher education entry or career opportunities. 

He  has  previously been employed in a full-time role by a large recruitment company where He provided tuition and ‘mentoring’ to groups of nurses in India and the Philippines and also Spain and Italy.  He was a member of a small team charged with the goal of facilitating these candidates’ success in IELTS (achieving a minimum of band 7 in all four sub-tests) or OET to enable them to come work in the NHS. This process was done through a busy weekly programme of scheduled one-to-one Skype sessions with up to 50 candidates per week and a series of scheduled, 1-2 hour group webinars with up to 100 attendees.  

In September 2018, Christopher personally planned and conducted an intensive, two-week IELTS course at the UK Excel College in Manchester for a group of 25 Chinese candidates, and between January and April, 2019 I repeated this at Oldham Hulme Grammar School with a group of Chinese six form students.

Additionally, since 2015, He has been been employed by Manchester University Language Centre as an invigilator in their IELTS tests which are usually twice monthly.

His approach is to focus the candidates time entirely on learning or developing a particular approach and certain skills and techniques necessary for those areas of the test, specific sub-tests, where they require the most improvement and practice in order to achieve the required band score.  

Over the years, He has amassed a large amount of excellent learning and practice resources of his own (some put together himself which have proved very effective in instructing and training all my students, along with a host of practical tips to help them whilst under examination conditions.

Feedback has consistently confirmed that Christopher is  a highly personable, focused and committed teacher with a facilitative and collaborative style that is very popular among learners.  He has received many positive testimonials over the years some of which may be read on my professional website: